I love coffee shops. And bookstores. And coffee shops in bookstores. Maybe you’d rather spend your money at a wine bar or a golf course. There is no right or wrong, just what brings you, personally, joy. “There is no judgement in budget.” That’s one of the things we talked about last weekend at Elaine Grogan Luttrull’s Business of Art workshop. Elaine says the key is to be honest… don’t budget for “the ideal version of yourself.” After we covered personal finance, we learned about taxes, insurance and record-keeping specifically related to working artists. I discovered my favorite artist financial software is GYST (Get Your Shit Together). Among my classmates were a singer, a painter, a science-fiction writer and a couple who make jewelry. It was fascinating to learn how the artists divide their time between income streams, and where and when they create. BEST ADVICE:  when you price your art, factor in sales tax and self-employment tax. Props to Elaine and to the Greater Columbus Arts Council for hosting the event.