I tried capturing two opposite feelings for the Ohio Art League’s Thumb Box small works show:  one was the comfort of home and the other the excitement of travel. Each work had to be no larger than six inches square.

As my family can attest, I love mugs. Settling in with a cup of coffee is a cue for me to slow down and enjoy. For this painting, I took a favorite mug (in a warm color) outside to sit by the bonfire and painted alla prima, plein air.

“Comfort” 6×6″ plein air oil on paper by Carrie Lacey Boerio, available $225


For the second painting, I wanted to capture the adventure of seeing something out of my ordinary. I took a photo on a recent trip to Chicago of the city at dusk from the lakefront. My daughter and I were on our way out for the evening to explore, so the moment was both appreciation for the scene and anticipation of the adventure. I painted this one in my home studio.

“Chicago at Dusk” by Carrie Lacey Boerio, 6″x6″ oil, 2015

Both works were shown at the ROY G BIV Gallery at in Columbus, Ohio.

BEST ADVICE:  Enjoy the moment! In real time and while making art.