Tim’s Vermeer 2013 Sony Classics

This movie will stick in your brain long after you watch it. It’s a documentary of how an obsessed inventor recreates Vermeer’s painting, The Music Lesson. Sounds crazy, right? Tim Jenison wants to know how 17th century Dutch Master Johannes Vermeer painted so photo-realistically 150 years before the invention of photography. Tim finds a way to paint an impressive copy of a Vermeer, which is remarkable enough, since he is not an artist. But even more amazing is his insistence on doing everything as would have been done in that period, and doing it himself. He makes paint. And furniture. And a room. And a tool with mirrors and lens (not just a camera obscura). The whole thing takes years. Seriously, you have got to see this. Then let me know what you think… was Vermeer an artist or an inventor? Or both? A great synopsis and interview with Tim was in the Vanity Fair article Reverse-Engineering a Genius (Has a Vermeer Mystery Been Solved?). #art #painting #timsvermeer @makingart.us