As much as I love painting an image that moves me, I’ve learned that it’s just as fun to paint an image that has meaning for someone else. The commissions I’ve had the privilege of painting have been from photos of a person, place or thing that are important to the viewer… like a home, a child, a beloved pet or a special travel moment. I’ve loved them all.

If you’d like to commission a painting, please call or email me.

Prices are for an oil painting on hard board or stretched canvas, varnished, unframed. Please allow four weeks from order to ship date (painting and drying time)

$325 for 8 x 10″ or 9 x 12″ or 11 x 14″
$375 for 16 x 20″ or 18 x 24″

Larger sizes priced on request
Other surfaces priced upon request
Square sizes available, comparably priced