Carrie Lacey Boerio

Original and commissioned art

About me

Photo of Carrie Lacey Boerio

BACKGROUND:  I’m a Pittsburgh native with a degree in communications from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I live in Columbus, Ohio, am the mother of two fabulous twenty-somethings, and am celebrating 35 years of marriage.  I’m a full-time artist and self-directed lifelong student of art.

MOTIVATION:  I love mind-body-soul experience of making art. It lets me explore visually and emotionally. I might create a plein air oil painting to remember a brisk fall day, make an abstract work to convey some internal concept, or paint a still life to simply celebrate the light and color. Being an artist is like a learning a wonderful magic trick to capture a feeling in two dimensions.

I paint because it is joyful and engrossing and endlessly fascinating.
I teach to open the front door for others.
I make commissioned works because they make people cry, but in a good way.

BIO:  My first big break came when I was nine years old. My elementary school chose me to attend free art classes at the Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh every Saturday morning. Hundreds of us, one from each fourth grade throughout the region, would file into the auditorium to learn about color, perspective and observation. We spent hours drawing from imagination and from life.

Perhaps those early years are what fueled my insatiable curiosity about making art. There is always more to learn and more to try. It has led me to self-directed learning from local and national artists, books, articles, videos and museums. This continued throughout my time as a student, an athlete, a parent, a spouse and a nonprofit professional. My first plein air experience in 2014 fueled more intensive growth.

A career in communications has allowed me to use images and words to garner awareness and support for nonprofit organizations, and I often create and donate art to do the same. I also love making commissioned art, because of the wonderful emotional responses of the recipients.

I find making art to be an immersive mind-body-soul experience. It is all-consuming and unpredictable. It feels like a wondrous magic trick to make something out of nothing. I am drawn to motifs that symbolize home and welcome, like a beautiful entryway or a warm cup of tea. I also paint plein air landscapes that include both natural and man-made elements or bursts of color, such as a sculpture in a garden or fall leaves against historic architecture. Florals are a common theme because they are already such perfect works of art, and remind me of the years I worked at my family’s greenhouse and nursery.

My hope is to share my delight in both the subject and the process with the viewer. For me, art is a celebration.

Carrie Lacey Boerio
Born in 1961 in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania
Graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Based in Columbus, Ohio

Juried Exhibitions
2018     “Hit the Hop” Studios on High Gallery, Columbus, OH
2017     “The Sight of Music” Columbus Cultural Arts Center, Columbus, OH
2017     “Women in Art” Harlan Gallery, Seton Hill College, Greensburg, PA
2017     “Hit the Hop” Studios on High Gallery, Columbus, OH
2017     Westmoreland Art Nationals, Pittsburgh, PA
2017     “Parks En Plein Air” Springfield Museum of Art, Springfield, OH
2016     “Hit the Hop” Studios on High Gallery, Columbus, OH
2016     “Thumb Box” Ohio Art League at ROY G BIV, Columbus, OH
2015     Westmoreland Art Nationals, Pittsburgh, PA

Other Exhibits
2018     Mother/Daughter Show, Art @ 43023 Gallery, Granville, OH
2017     “Schiller Park Anniversary” German Village Historical Society, Columbus, OH
2017     City of Worthington headquarters, Worthington, OH
2017     Brown Family Environmental Center, Gambier, OH
2016     Worthington Community Center, Worthington, OH

Donated Works
To Pelatonia for cancer research, L Brands Headquarters, Columbus, OH
To Adelphoi for victims of child abuse, Latrobe, PA
To those struggling with grief and loss, private collections





One thought on “About me

  1. Hi Carrie! Very impressed with your work both in art and in your life’s work. Happy that you are able to find the time to enjoy your art.


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